Project results and outcomes

Smart Traffic

Home in time, thanks to smart traffic.

IoT Hub

With IoT Hub interconnectivity gets a whole new meaning.

Smart City

If only we would know, in Smart Cities we do.

Capillary Network

Local sensor data, local processing with Capillary Network.

Assisted Living

Home Safe Home with Assisted Living Service.

360° Video

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere with 360° video player.


A Semantic Approach to Enterprise Information Integration.

IoT Platforms Analysis

Gap analysis of available IoT platforms

Winter IoT

Gap analysis of available IoT platforms

Geo2Tag LBS Platform

IoT enabled platform for developing location based services

Experimenting transport services for IoT

Experimental evaluation of congestion control algorithms and HTTP, SPDY, and CoAP

Other results (posters, slides, press releases...):
Embedded SIM (Result seminar poster)
PVP, Fruct & Laurea: IoT Business Solutions for Finnish Healthcare Sector (Result seminar poster)
IoT Hub (Result seminar poster)
IoT 2015 Laurea: Actor Roles in Internet of Things Ecosystems (Result seminar poster)
Full-Duplex Radio Connectivity for Internet of Things (Result seminar poster)
Moving computation to the edges of IoT (Result seminar poster)
Voiceinfo (Result seminar poster)
Wireless Connectivity for Internet of Things (Result seminar poster)
Efficient networks and radio communications via signal processing research (Article)
New ecosystems require standards and specialization (Article)
Energy-efficient data collection and transmission (Article)
Home Gateway Management (poster)
Management Guide for the utilization of the Internet of Things (slides)
Networking and commununications research area results (slides)
DIGILE IoT-projektiin liittyvä mittauslaitteisto asennetaan Lentokentän alueelle (press release)