Geo2Tag LBS Platform

IoT enabled platform for developing location based services

Geo2Tag platform is a comfortable and efficient environment for fast and easy development of LBS solutions. The platform provides basic functional for use of Smart Spaces and IoT technologies. The solutions can be done independently of map providers and mobile operators. Geo2Tag is available for free download as open source package. Developers are welcome to use the main Geo2Tag server and build own services on top of it. Alternatively anyone can create individual instances of Geo2Tag configured and tuned for their needs.

Currently Geo2Tag is the world most popular Open Source LBS platform with large community of followers, contributors and supporters. In Google you get it first for “LBS open source” and second for “LBS Platform” (after TomTom). Geo2Tag has been adopted for most mobile platforms, including inexpensive mass-market mobile devices. Geo2Tag platform has been recognized by IEEE Internet of Things technical community that recommends it for prototyping IoT solutions in City tagging scenarios The most up-to-date information about the platform as well as the platform package for free download are available at /


Sergey Bal­andin, FRUCT LLC