Assisted Living

Home Safe Home with Assisted Living Service.

Imagine you wouldn’t have to worry about leaving your coffee maker on when leaving home, as if you did, you would automatically get a notification to your mobile. Or when preparing your meal the fridge would warn you from spoiled ingredients. In the world of Internet of Things services like this and much more will be possible.

The Assisted Living Service System has much to offer for the safety of home, especially for senior citizens who want to live at home as long as possible. The system increases the security of everyday life with multiple features such as the activity motion sensors, pressure sensors, contact sensors in windows and doors and medical dispensers. Signs of any irregular activity are transferred automatically to an emergency centre. The system also enables medical and social services or social gatherings by using video chats or virtual cafés thus adding social contacts and preventing loneliness, which so often troubles the elderly.

As a cloud based solution, Assisted Living Service System offers third party service solutions for registered users. It collects data from various sources and services, so each user can order the exact preferred combination. The user interface is simple and designed in co-operation with end users. The system helps individuals at their homes but also gives new kind of tools for healthcare service providers by making it easier to follow their customers´ wellbeing.

Our life expectancy is now longer than ever. Systems that help us maintain the quality of life, like living at home, even when our physical condition deteriorates are more than welcome. With IoT we can do this.

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