The IoT consortium includes the ideal mix of partners to providing leading edge expertise in research and practical business experience

Big Companies

Organization Link Industry sector
Corenet Data transmission solutions, monitoring, control and maintenance services
DNA Telecommunications company providing high-quality voice, data and TV services for communication, entertainment and working.
Elektrobit Embedded software and hardware solutions for automotive and wireless industries
Elisa An international telecommunications, ICT and online service company.
Ericsson ICT, telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators

Accident and disease prevention, ambulance services, roadside assistance, travel, health and safety.

Finnpark Vehicle parking-related business activities
F-Secure Protection of valuable digital content
Hartela Building construction
Helvar An international lighting technology company
Intel Harware, creation and extension of computing technology
Metso Mining and Construction, Automation, Pulp, Paper and Power
Multiprint Printing, scanning and archiving company
Nokia ICT, telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators
NSN Networks and telecom services
Polar Sports, physiology and electronics
Pohjanmaan Verkkopalvelut (PVP)  eGovernment solutions for public organizations
Renesas Mobile ICT, mobile phones, car infotainment solutions, consumer electronics and industrial applications
Softera Telecom billing, mobile messaging, software development services for telecom operators and customers with large number of end users
TeliaSonera ICT, network access and telecommunication services

Small and Medium-sized enterprises

Organization Link Industry sector
4G Service Sensor-based ICT solutions for various industries
Arch Red ICT, user authentication, RADIUS based roaming, access control for wireless and wired networks
Bluegiga Short-range wireless connectivity solutions
Componentality Automotive products, devices for public transportations, entertainment and connectivity for cars and road infrastructure
Cybercube Logistics simulation and optimization
Finnet group Telecommunications group, which consists of about 25 ICT companies
Finwe ICT, mobile sensing and situation aware applications
FRUCT ICT, R&D innovations
iProtoXi Wired and wireless embedded sensor solutions, HW, SW and expert services, tailored for customer's applications
Jolla A Finnish smartphone company developing its own mobile operating system (OS) called Sailfish.
Laturi Health and fitness
Mattersoft Intelligent transport systems, transport information control and traffic light priorities, parking control, fleet management and logistics
Mikkelin Puhelin (MPY) ICT, production of IT services
Mobisoft ICT, wireless data transfer, telecommunications, digital mapping, high performance databases, In Vehicle computer units
Mohinet Lahti Short-range radio, mobile phone technology and back-end system design
NaturVention Products around nature and technology to create products in the health technology field.
Nixu Information security consulting
Probot Custom project design and implementation for various platforms in robotics and automation
Refecor Wireless technology design, reference design
Tamp Services related to vehicles and integrated electrical systems for new eVehicles
There Corporation Home Energy Management solutions, control of devices and systems in buildings
Vediafi Intelligent traffic system services

Research Institutions

Organization Link
Aalto University
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Tampere University of Technology
University of Helsinki
University of Jyväskylä
University of Oulu
University of Tampere
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland